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      The data contained on this page is intended for information purposes only, and it is based on the best information available at the posting and is not warranted. The data may not reflect the most current records.


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      The starting bid is an estimate based on projected costs and will change before the auction starts. The actual costs, once known, will determine the starting bid price.


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    The sale costs and interest listed reflect the associated costs and fees due to date, as well as the estimated costs associated with pre-sale due process notification compliance requirements. Additional costs and/or interest may accrue prior to the sale opening, causing the total amounts to increase. The purchase price during the time of the sale will reflect these increases. Following notification of your successful bid and receipt of payment, availability of the Non-Warranty Cash Sale Certificate through your CivicSource.com account will be confirmation that the sale-related recordation process has been completed. Failure to pay additional tax delinquencies not for sale through this web site may result in this property being offered at a subsequent tax sale. You should contact the tax authority for information regarding additional delinquencies.