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Bulk Bidding

What is Bulk Bidding?

Bulk bidding allows a user to save bids before an auction starts and place them all at once when the auction opens.

When can I start saving bids?

You can save bids any time before the auction opens.

When can I place my saved bids?

You can place your saved bids once the auction opens.

Is there a limit on how many bids I can save/place?


Where can I view my saved and placed bids?

Saved bids can be viewed on the Bids Page, and placed bids will be updated on the Bid Summary Banner.

What happens if I don't want to keep a saved bid?

You have the option to delete any of your saved bids up to the start of the sale.

Is bulk bidding available on my mobile device?


What happens if a property is removed from an auction?

The property will drop out of the auction and will show on the canceled tab on the Bids Page.

Will I receive email notifications?

Yes. You will receive an email including a summary of all the bulk bids you place and a won/lost notification when the auction ends.