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Property Bundling

What's a 'property bundle'?

A property bundle is three or more properties grouped and sold together in a single auction on www.civicsource.com.

What's the advantage of bundling?

A volume price discount gets applied to each bundled property that is rebated to the purchaser.

What's the volume price discount?

• 3 - 9 properties = $150/each
• 10 - 19 properties = $225/each
• 20+ properties = $300/each

Are all properties eligible for bundling?

No. Not all properties are eligible for bundling. Some sellers require properties to be listed for three to six months before being bundle-eligible.

Does my bundle need approval?

The seller has final discretion to approve a bundle.

How many properties make a bundle?

A bundle must contain three or more properties.

How much is the bundle deposit?

One deposit per bundled property is required.

What if a bundled property is removed by the seller prior to auction?

The property is removed from the bundle and its deposit refunded, and the remaining bundle proceeds to auction.

What will be the starting bid price of the bundle?

The bundle starting bid price will be the total costs of each property in the bundle.

Can the minimum starting bid price of the bundle change?

Yes. The starting bid price is subject to change, and costs may change and be added per auction.

Will I have to bid on each property on auction day?

No. You will bid on the property bundle.

What happens if the seller cancels a property after the auction and prior to closing?

The costs for that property will be deducted from the winning bid.

When will I be required to submit final payment?

Full payment must be submitted within 24 hours of the close of the auction.

How will I receive my volume pricing discounts?

A volume pricing discount rebate check is given at closing.

How do I get started?

Email the property address and parcel number of three or more properties to bundling@civicsource.com; we will verify the bundle and contact you regarding deposit.

Contact us if you have any questions.