Rhode Island Investments

Am I buying property?

No. You’re buying a Rhode Island property tax investment.

What is a Rhode Island property tax investment?

It’s an interest-bearing investment that matures in one year and returns up to 16% (10% instant then after six months, 1%/mo. until paid).

Is the investment secure?

Yes. It’s secured by the associated property.

How do I get the property?

When the investment matures, petition the Superior Court of Rhode Island to foreclose redemption and secure ownership in the amount equal to your bid.

How do I win?

The lowest percentage of ownership bid wins!

How do I pay?

Pay online or, if you prefer to pay by wire transfer, call us at (888)-387-8033.

When do I pay?

Payments are made within 24 hours of winning.

Can I get a refund?

No. All sales are final.

How do I get paid if the debt is repaid?

The Tax Collector’s Office will contact and pay you.

When do I get paid?

Payments are made when the debt is repaid.